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Vision offers a framework for shared aspirations. Vision challenges an organization to achieve excellence. Vision rallies a community behind common purpose. That determination placed in a Christ-centered context—in an evangelical Christian university that seeks to equip disciples and scholars to advance the work of God in the world—can change that world.

As members of the Azusa Pacific University community, we claim this vision together:

We will be a premier Christian university and a recognized leader in higher education, a city on a hill that reflects the life of Christ and shines the light of Truth.

This new Shared Vision 2022 provides inspiration and clarity to the direction of the university Board of Trustees, administration, faculty, staff, and students. The components of the vision identify APU's strategic priorities, bringing deeper clarity and direction to the future of the university. The university strategic priorities define institutional purposes and ensure that objectives of the university are met according to the plans initiated by various university stakeholders (e.g. administration, academics, cocurricular, and operations). These priorities are the strategic themes guiding the university forward in the strategic planning process.

Explore the components of APU's Shared Vision 2022.


Goal: We will nourish and advance our Christ-centered mission.

Academic Reputation

Goal: We will have an academic reputation of excellence.

Valuing People

Goal: We will acknowledge that people (students, faculty, and staff) are created in the image of God and value them as the university’s most important resource.

Financial Excellence

Goal: We will be a financially strong institution capable of fulfilling our mission.