Academic Vision

Developed as a team by the Academic and President’s cabinets
February 2004

Mission Statement

“Azusa Pacific University is an evangelical Christian community of disciples and scholars who seek to advance the work of God in the world through academic excellence in liberal arts and professional programs of higher education that encourage students to develop a Christian perspective of truth and life.”

We strive to be an exemplary university that is Christ-centered and evangelical, recognized for excellence that honors God through transformational scholarship, life-giving community, and selfless service.


We will be known as a university that is Christ-centered.

  • We declare God First in all we say and do.
  • We will be an evangelical Christian community of higher education developing disciples and scholars.
  • We will first serve churches and faith communities in the San Gabriel Valley and Southern California.
  • We will teach every student in every class from a Christian perspective of truth and life.
  • We will model what it means to follow Jesus Christ as we call others to be disciples and scholars.
  • We will work under the wisdom of the Holy Spirit.


We will be known as a university distinguished by transformational Scholarship (Romans 12:2).

  • We will strengthen scholarship that embraces discovery, application, integration and teaching.
  • We will create an environment that supports and develops recognized researchers and excellent teachers.
  • We will promote the discipline of lifelong learning.
  • We will implement effective delivery systems to educate students regardless of geographic location.
  • We will be innovative and responsive in meeting the academic needs of a changing and diverse society.
  • We will continually assess academic programs to ensure educational effectiveness.


We will be known as a university that embodies life-giving Community.

  • We will value people, practicing grace and kindness, because all people are loved by God.
  • We will honor God by achieving diversity of ethnicity, race and gender, reflecting the richness of Southern California.
  • We will model Christ in our relationships, practicing truth-telling, trust, and transparency.
  • We will identify value and cultivate servant leaders within the APU community.
  • We will hear all voices on social issues, founding our response on the truth of scripture as lived out in the mission of the university.
  • We will be a learning community committed to life together as disciples of Jesus Christ.


We will be known as a university that practices selfless Service.

  • We will engage in service in order to model Christ.
  • We will live, participate and collaborate as a good neighbor in our surrounding communities through serving and learning.
  • We will grow in our commitment as a Christian university to apply our knowledge and skills in service to the academy and our community.
  • We will be witnesses and servants first in our Jerusalem (Azusa), our Judea (East San Gabriel Valley), our Samaria (Southern California), and then to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8).

Strategic Priorities

We will provide resources and an infrastructure for the attainment of our Strategic Priorities.

  • We will employ organizational and management systems that will support the mission and vision.
  • We will manage our size and growth in support of our strategic priorities.
  • We will only develop, implement and maintain programs that support our mission.
  • We will coordinate our efforts through a formal institutional assessment and planning process that integrates strategic, budget, human resources, development and master plans.