Photo of David Carlson, MFA

David Carlson, MFA

Chair, Professor, Department of Art and Design
Phone: (626) 815-6000, Ext. 5123
J. David Carlson, MFA, has taught full time in the Department of Art and Design at APU since 2003. Carlson is passionate about being an active artist living and working in Southern California as well as about working alongside passionate learners. In the classroom, Carlson engages with students on a personal level, exploring the complexities of art, our faith, and the world in which we live. His creative practice and research is an extension of interests that derive from childhood experiences, toys, and interests in popular culture. These themes take shape in the form of Playscapes (sculptural Dioramas), as well as in the form of designer toys which are designed and custom fabricated entirely out of his art studio. Carlson’s artwork has been exhibited in both galleries and museums and can be seen online.

Artist’s Work


  • MFA, Visual Art, Vermont College of Fine Art
  • MA, Ceramics, California State University, Fullerton
  • BA, Visual Art, Azusa Pacific University


School of Visual and Performing Arts (College of Music and the Arts)

  • Department of Art and Design

College of Music and the Arts


  • Ceramics
  • Sculpture
  • Three-Dimentional Design

Courses Taught

  • ART 135 – Three-dimensional Design
  • ART 170 – Sculpture I
  • ART 270 – Sculpture II
  • ART 370 – Sculpture III
  • ART 470 – Sculpture IV
  • ART 471 – Sculptural Processes
  • ART 530 – Graduate Studio: Special Topics I
  • ART 576 – The Modern Object