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Kate Scorgie, Ph.D.

Professor, Department of Teacher Education
Phone: (619) 815-2157
Fax: (619) 718-9659
Scorgie is in her 16th year as a full-time professor at APU, where she has taught 18 courses for Advanced Studies, Teacher Education, Special Education, School Counseling, and the Master of Arts in Global Leadership. Over the past 12 summers she has taught graduate courses for APU in Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Ghana, Lithuania, Papua New Guinea, Brazil, Chile, the Philippines, Ukraine, Switzerland, Haiti, Kazakhstan, and Alaska. The course she enjoys best is typically the one she is currently teaching—with special affinity to Advanced Educational Psychology and Capstone Research. Her passion is to mentor M.A. students toward becoming collaborative, empathic, transdisciplinary, teacher-researcher professionals, as these things are essential to meeting the challenges of 21st-century classrooms.


  • Ph.D., Educational Psychology, University of Alberta, Canada
  • M.A., Communications, Wheaton College
  • M.A., Special Education, Western Michigan University
  • B.S.Ed., Ohio State University


  • Special Education/Visually Impaired (PreK–12)
  • Elementary Education (K–8)


School of Education

  • Teacher Education


  • Education Psychology
  • Human Growth and Development
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Special Education

Courses Taught

  • EDCO 557 – Human Growth, Development, and Learning
  • EDUC 508 – Assessment and Evaluation in Multicultural Classrooms
  • EDUC 509 – Special Topics in Education
  • EDUC 554 – Instructional Principles and Practices
  • EDUC 572 – Advanced Educational Psychology
  • EDUC 589 – [Multiple Courses]
  • EDUC 731 – Achievement Motivation
  • GLDR 510 – Creative and Collaborative Leadership in Cross-cultural Settings
  • LDRS 571 – Leadership for a Learning Environment
  • LDRS 598 – Special Topics
  • SPED 530 – Introduction to Individual Differences and Strengths-based Education
  • SPED 531 – Assessment Issues and Methodologies Related to Student Learning
  • SPED 535 – Counseling, Collaboration, and Consultation
  • SPED 537 – Theories and Interventions in Behavior Disorders