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Nathan Huff, MFA

October 18, 2013
Campins, D., Haft-Candell, J., Cralle, L.R., Erker, J., Fletcher, L., Folk, E., Garber, H.R., Griffith, K., Ghuloum, R., Handel, M.C., Hansen, K., Huff, N., Kolar, A., Kunath, B., Linville, T., Loewen, N., Lupo, N., McCullough, D., Mills, J., Montes, E., Molis, T., Presneill, M., Remon, G., Riger, C., Spector, J., Szymanski, K., Trout, I., Tsuno, D., Waddell, S., Whitmore, T., Woods, S. (2013, October 19). [Group exhibition]. Familiar/Unfamiliar, Manual History Machines, Casa Agave, Wonder Valley, CA http://manualhistorymachines.tumblr.com/familiarunfamiliar

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Nathan Huff
Adjunct Professor, Department of Art and Design
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