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About Research Possibilities

College education means more than classrooms and tests. Sports, choirs, residence halls, clubs, and late-night pizza are just a few things that enrich the Azusa Pacific University experience. Among these, one of the most valuable is undergraduate research, an exciting opportunity for students to discover unforeseen possibilities in their field of study and to present their scholarship at local or national academic conferences.

Testimonials from former APU students

“Signing up to do research was the smartest decision I made in my undergraduate education. Conducting research gave me the opportunity to reinforce the materials I had learned in class, and the laboratory sessions helped me better understand theoretical concepts. In addition, research helped me master required concepts and helped me recognize the important role research plays in developing the concepts printed in science books.”

Silva Salibian
Baxter Pharmaceuticals

“Participating in research projects at APU helped broaden my understanding of biology and chemistry. Through research, I was able to integrate knowledge I gained in several classes to conquer problems on my own. When I interviewed for medical school, one of the main questions asked was about my research experience and how it led me to pursue a career in medicine. Research enriched my educational experience by allowing me to take part in an ongoing project with an unknown conclusion, rather than the weekly labs with predictable results. Research also gave me the opportunity to spend time learning from professors on an individual basis.”

Allison Blaze ’97
Medical student, University of California, Irvine

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