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Theme Houses

APU’s Theme House communities provide connection around topics and activities you care about. Each house combines living and learning as students connect to each other, learn and serve together, and grow in their relationship with God. In a Theme House, students might have a discussion with a campus pastor over dinner, help plant a community garden, or host a question-and-answer session with a professor about media or art. General plans and rhythms exist for each house, but each year the houses will look different based on the passions and ideas the students bring to the community. Follow along with the Theme Houses experience by visiting our Facebook page.

The 2014–15 Theme Houses:

Outdoor Adventure House

Outdoor Adventure House offers a place for people who love the outdoors and want to get off campus throughout the semester to hike, camp, climb, and participate in other outdoor activities with their neighbors. From backpacking in Yosemite to beach clean-ups, and outdoor skill workshops to group discussions, you’ll have the chance to live, play, and serve alongside others.

In partnership with Communiversity's Outdoor Adventures and High Sierra.

Discipleship House

Living in the Discipleship House provides an opportunity to deepen your commitment to Christ by learning about and practicing spiritual disciplines within the context of a community. This community focuses on spiritual disciplines embraced by Christians across denominational and generational lines. Through participation in discussions, prayer, shared meals, and regular interactions with members of the Campus Pastors, you can explore your faith and find support in your desire to be more spiritually connected on campus in meaningful ways.

In partnership with the Campus Pastor's Office and the Office of Discipleship Ministries.

Leadership House

The Leadership House brings together students who are passionate about leadership and want to further develop their leadership abilities. This community focuses on individuals’ personal strengths and how they can be successful in current or future leadership positions.

In partnership with APU's Department of Leadership and Organizational Psychology.

Student Action House

The Student Action House is a place for students interested in local and global service to live and learn alongside one another. From study abroad or summer mission team students transitioning back to campus, to people serving (or interested in serving) the community around Azusa, this is a place to live with like-minded people, discuss the meaning of missional living, and challenge and support each other in the journey.

In partnership with the Center for Student Action.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become part of a house?

  1. Pick up a Housing appointment ticket between March 24th-April 7th
  2. Go to the Office of Residence Life, sign the Theme House Pledge, and have your ticket (or Renewal Application) stamped before your Housing appointment time
  3. Show up at your group’s earliest applicable appointment time and present your tickets to Housing. If at least two of your group’s tickets are stamped and there are theme housing options available, you can sign up for a Theme House.

If I currently live in a Theme House and want to live there again next year, what should I do?

Print a Renewal Application from Housing Services or pick one up at the Office of Housing Services, go to the Office of Residence Life to sign the Theme House Pledge and have your application stamped, then turn in your completed Renewal Application to the Office of Housing Services.

Who can be a part of the theme houses?

Theme Houses are reserved for juniors, seniors, and a limited number of sophomores.

Where are the houses located?

The Theme House community is located in Alosta Place, with each individual house grouped together.

Do theme houses cost extra?

No, the cost of living in a Theme House is the same as living in any upperclassmen housing.

Can I live with people who aren’t a part of the house?

At least two students in each apartment must be a part of the theme house.