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Youth and Family Ministry

Youth and family ministry in the 21st century must be rooted in scriptural principles and be able to address the challenges facing youth and families in today’s complex culture. This concentration trains students to assist parents, youth, and family ministry staff to plan and engage in intentional spiritual formation in the home and church.

Concentration Outcomes


All students must compete the required core courses and choose one of the concentration areas (Church Leadership and Development, Urban Studies, Worship Leadership, or Youth and Family Ministry).

Required Courses16 units
GMIN 500
Introduction to Youth and Family Ministry
GMIN 587
Advanced Youth and Family Ministry
Select two of the following:
GMIN 501
Foundations of Youth Ministry
GMIN 526
Curriculum and Instruction
GMIN 528
Contemporary Issues in Ministry
Note: This information is current for the 2013-14 academic year; however, all stated academic information is subject to change. Please refer to the current Academic Catalog for more information.