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The Master of Divinity Program with an emphasis in Anglican Studies requires 90 units of coursework comprising 20 units of biblical studies, 20 units of theology and ethics, 12 units of ministry studies, 10 units in the professional block, 24 units in Anglican studies, 4 units of a biblical language (which may be waived for students who have completed a year of undergraduate Hebrew or Greek), and 0–4 units of electives. This emphasis will meet the academic requirements for ordination within the Anglican Communion.

The Masters of Divinity program is also available with an emphasis in Biblical Studies.

Biblical Language Requirement4 units
Students who have completed one year of undergraduate Hebrew or Greek with a grade of B or better may waive this requirement. The requirement may be filled with either GBBL 500, GBBL 510, and GBBL 520, or GBBL 530 and GBBL 540.
Biblical Studies Core Courses20 units
GBBL 511
Seminar in Biblical Interpretation
GBBL 512
The Gospels’ Witness to Christ
GBBL 521
People of God
GBBL 531
Kingdom of God*
GBBL 532
Paul the Apostle and Theologian
Theology and Ethics Core Courses20 units
GTHE 504
God, Creation, and Humanity
GTHE 513
History of the Modern Church
GTHE 514
Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the Church
GTHE 615
Church and Society
GTHE 503
History of the Early and Medieval Church
Ministry Core Courses12 units
GMIN 507
Preaching and Worship
GMIN 547
Foundations for Ministry Life
GMIN 548
Pastoral Counseling
Professional Block Field Education6 units
GMIN 569
Field Education in Ministry**
Philosophy of Ministry Requirement4 units
GMIN 618
Philosophy of Ministry***
Anglican Studies Emphasis24 units
GMIN 517
Preaching and Liturgy in the Anglican Tradition
GMIN 536
Ascetical Spirituality
GMIN 537
Anglican Parish Ministry
GTHE 515
Anglican Ethics and Moral Theology
GTHE 533
Anglican Church History
GTHE 543
History of Worship and Liturgy
Electives0–4 units
If a student takes GBBL 500, no elective units are required.
APU graduate courses outside the Graduate School of Theology are allowed as electives for the M.Div. program, provided they can be demonstrated by petition to the appropriate chair and the associate dean to apply to the preparation for pastoral ministry. Courses approved for elective credit must be graduate level and the content must substantially promote the student’s achievement of one or more of the goals of the M.Div. program.

*Students may substitute GBBL 631 by petition to the department chair.
**Repeated for total of six units
***An oral exam is taken in GMIN 618.

Total for the M.Div.: Anglican Studies90 units
Note: This information is current for the 2013-14 academic year; however, all stated academic information is subject to change. Please refer to the current Academic Catalog for more information.