Faculty and Staff

Viv Grigg, Ph.D., has lived among the poor and in slum communities in Manila, Calcutta, Sao Paulo, and Los Angeles. Led by the Spirit, he has catalyzed several networks of workers who choose to live in the slums of more than 40 emerging mega-cities, creating a plethora of organizations that transform poverty. Trained in theology, community organization, and urban anthropology, he is also the author of Companion to the Poor, Cry of the Urban Poor, and Spirit of Christ and the Postmodern City, along with other works. Grigg serves as international coordinator of the M.A. in Transformational Urban Leadership for the Encarnacao Alliance Training Commission, associate professor at Azusa Pacific, and director of the Urban Leadership Foundation.

Richard Slimbach, Ph.D. is coordinator of the Global Studies program at Azusa Pacific University, where he founded Azusa’s Los Angeles Term and Global Learning Term programs. He holds a Ph.D. in comparative and international education and has extensive experience living and working abroad. He serves as the academic director for the MATUL program.

Rebecca Pratt is the MATUL program coordinator. She received her B.A. in Youth Ministry and Global Studies from Azusa Pacific University in 2008. Her desire is to be Christ’s love to the poor, the oppressed, the hurting, and the invisible. The Lord has brought her into the lost cities of Mexico, the brothels of Athens, the refugee highways of Rome, the steps of the European Parliament in Brussels, the slums of Bangalore, and the streets and red-light districts of Kolkata. She now serves in downtown Los Angeles with the MATUL program. She oversees recruiting, student care, networking, events, and administrative duties. She has served the MATUL program since January 2009.

Chennai Faculty – Hindustan Bible Institute

Rev. P.N. Samuel Saravanan, Ph.D. (CV) (PDF)
Specialization: Missiology, Anthropology, Sociology

Varghese Thomas, Ph.D. (CV) (PDF)
Specialization: Christian Education, Pastoralia, Spirituality

Christopher S. Baskeran, Ph.D. (CV) (PDF)
Specialization: Social Work

Jeffrey R. Pankratz, J.D. (CV) (PDF)

P. Paul Ebenezar, M.A., M.Phil., M.Th. (CV) (PDF)

Fr. Rosario Gomez, Ph.D. (CV) (PDF)
Specialization: Development Communication

Liliyan Swarna Kalai, Ph.D. (CV) (PDF)

I. Jasmine Lydia, Ph.D. (CV) (PDF)

Rev. J.N. Manokaran, Ph.D. (CV) (PDF)

Manila Faculty – Asian Theological Seminary

T. Aaron Smith, M.Div. (CV) (PDF)

Alicia T. Banas, M.H.P.Ed. (CV) (PDF)

Lorisa Socorro Acorda-De Boer, Ph.D., D.Min. (CV) (PDF)

Diosa Arellano Ventura (CV) (PDF)

Froilan H. Parado, M.E. (CV) (PDF)

Fermin P. Manalo, Jr. (CV) (PDF)

Larry W. Caldwell, D.P.A. (CV) (PDF)

Lee Wanak, Ph.D., D.Min. (CV) (PDF)

Patrick Charles Hobbs, D.Min. (CV) (PDF)

Rene "Rex" S.L. Resurreccion, Ph.D. (CV) (PDF)

Reynaldo S. Taniajura, Ph.D., D.Min. (CV) (PDF)

Note: This information is current for the 2014–15 academic year; however, all stated academic information is subject to change. Please refer to the current Academic Catalog for more information.