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Regional Chaplains

Chaplains are available to receive calls or visits from students seeking spiritual guidance. Based on availability and the nature of the inquiry, chaplains may refer students to area pastors, APU’s University Counseling Center, or other appropriate persons.

Rev. Kevin Mannoia, Ph.D.
Graduate Chaplain, Azusa Pacific University

Rev. Dennis Bachman, M.A.
Azusa West Campus, School of Behavioral and Applied Sciences

Rev. Don Bowers, M.Div.
Chaplain, Inland Empire Regional Center

Rev. Perry Geue, D.Min.
Chaplain, Ventura County Regional Center

Rev. Tim Gillespie, D.Min.
Chaplain, Inland Empire Regional Center

Rev. Brian Holland, M.A.
Chaplain, LA Regional Center and Azusa Pacific University

Rev. Vijay Jacob, M.Div.
Chaplain, International Students

Rev. Kathy Noling, D.Min.
Chaplain, Azusa West Campus, School of Nursing

Rev. Mark O’Loughlin, M.Div.
Chaplain, Orange County Regional Center

Rev. Jeff Paschall, B.A.
Chaplain, Murrieta Regional Center

Rev. Gino Pasquariello, Ed.D.
Chaplain, San Diego Regional Center

Chris Picco, B.A.
Worship Leader, High Desert and Inland Empire Regional Centers

Rev. Mike Platter, M.Div.
Chaplain, Azusa West Campus, School of Education

Rev. Kelly Roth, M.A.
Chaplain, Azusa East Campus, School of Music

John Selbak, JD
Chaplain, Azusa East Campus

Rev. Tom Taylor, M.Div.
Chaplain, High Desert Regional Center