Frequently Asked Questions

What forms are required to study in South Africa?
Most forms required for the South Africa Semester can be found at

Can I study abroad as a senior?
Yes; however, you must file a petition with APU’s Center for Global Learning & Engagement. Senior terms abroad may not be the most viable option in individual situations, but are allowable. It is strongly encouraged that ALL courses are reviewed with your academic advisor prior to registering for the program. The student takes full responsibility for accomplishing graduation requirements. The Undergraduate Catalog states, “Generally, seniors are not permitted to study abroad in their last semester. Seniors who desire to study abroad in the final semester are required to submit a petition to the Center for Global Learning & Engagement and satisfactorily complete the Intent to Graduate form prior to departure for the off-campus program.”

Will my financial aid package apply to South Africa?
Yes, your full financial aid package will apply toward the South Africa Semester. For program costs, visit (Flight is included.)

Will my courses in South Africa count toward my degree?
All courses taken during the APU South Africa Semester will be APU courses meeting specific requirements. It is highly suggested that the student review his/her transcripts with his/her academic advisor to determine an academic schedule that is beneficial to the completion of the student’s graduation requirements.

If I register to study abroad through APU, do I have to pay the insurance fee, even if I have other appropriate coverage?
Yes, APU wants to make every effort to ensure a safe study abroad experience, and requires the international insurance fee. There will be no exceptions.

Do I book my own flight(s)?
No. The APU South Africa Semester mandates group travel. Independent travel would only be permitted in rare situations.

Do I have to get my own visa?
The Center for Global Learning & Engagement will assist all accepted students with the processing of their travel visas.

How do I obtain a passport?
All passports must be valid for at least six (6) months after your return to the United States. Information on how to obtain a passport can be found at

I am a nursing student - Where can I find more information about participating in the South Africa Semester’s Nursing Track?
Nursing students are encouraged to contact Victoria Kirkland in the School of Nursing to get more information on the South Africa Semester’s Nursing Track. If you would like to pick up an application for the Nursing Program in South Africa, please stop by the study abroad office or download a Nursing Track application at

More information about the Nursing Track is also available at

Is it true that students participate in a service project during their time in South Africa?
Yes! The service-learning portion of the South Africa program is completed concurrently with the Principles and Practices of Community Engagement course. It has proven to be one of the most meaningful components of students’ experiences throughout the semester. More information on the different service opportunities offered can be found at

What do I do about getting my textbooks for the South Africa program?
Some of the textbooks that you will need for the semester are available at the South Africa campus or for purchase in-country, and some will be available at the APU bookstore. Textbook requirements will vary based on which electives a student enrolls in. More information on textbooks will be given once a student has been accepted, as availability of textbooks and textbook requirements vary by semester.

How many ministry and service credits will I earn for my participation in the South Africa program?
The maximum number of ministry and service hours you can earn in any one semester is 30.