Message from the Director

From the distant shores of Africa, it is my distinct joy and privilege to write to you as a potential member of a semester’s Study Abroad program in Pietermaritzburg & Cape Town. I have absolutely no doubt that the weeks spent here on the southern tip of Africa can be life-changing in ways far beyond anything you could ever have dreamed or imagined. On behalf of my assistant director, Kevin O’Donoghue (who heads up the Cape Town campus) and all the other faculty and staff, I extend to you a warm welcome to our continent.

To give you some background, I was born in South Africa and have lived here all my life, having actually been resident in four of the cities you are going to visit. I am therefore able to guide you through the challenges and opportunities of a visit to this beautiful country and it will be my joy to pass on to you my passion for Africa.

As I share the responsibility of teaching you, alongside the handpicked adjunct faculty from South Africa and abroad, I know that you will gain insight into both the Scriptures and your various subjects, which you would never otherwise have had. Student life coordinators, all of whom are South Africans, will guide your experience in the student community. There will be many adaptations you will need to make, but we are convinced that you will find those experiences enriching and not terrifying.

My prayer is that your visit to South Africa will have such an impact on you spiritually that you will at least pray for this land for the rest of your life... or perhaps even come back to help make a difference!

Yours in the Family of God,

Reg Codrington, D.Ed.
Executive Director
APU South Africa Semester