Nursing Track

The South Africa Nursing Study Abroad Program offers senior level nursing students the opportunity to learn, serve, and engage in APU’s South Africa Semester, while focusing on community healthcare. Students will be exposed to the vibrant South African culture through home-stays and national travel. They will also partner with community-based organizations and conduct projects to address health disparities, health problems, and barriers to health promotion. Students’ cultural sensitivity will be enhanced through various service-learning opportunities.

The academic rationale focuses on three primary areas: academic enrichment, broader international health knowledge, and increased cultural awareness through the following:

  • Gain exposure, knowledge, and skills related to diseases and conditions that are prevalent in developing countries.
  • Expand opportunities to practice cross-cultural sensitivity and competency.
  • Assist students in developing critical thinking skills under conditions of limited resources.
  • Provide a contrast of international healthcare systems with healthcare in America.
  • Offer practical experience for possible future careers overseas.

Azusa Pacific University
Connecting the Four Cornerstones

Christ – The program will encourage students to model the vision of Christ to bring the Kingdom to Earth through loving and serving the oppressed, sick, and impoverished.

Scholarship – The program will provide a unique opportunity for students to gain an in-depth understanding of issues related to their profession in a global setting. Opportunities will be made available for students to demonstrate intellectual curiosity and develop academic excellence through a curriculum that incorporates cross-cultural learning into their professional studies.

Community – The program will expand students’ perception and understanding of the world, encouraging the development of professional skills and expertise as well as a stronger commitment to a Christian lifestyle and value system. Students will have many opportunities to re-evaluate their own worldview, values, and lifestyle in light of the global community.

Service – The program will create opportunities for students to serve the “least of these” through practical community projects and daily encounters. Students will utilize their unique gifts and strengths as they engage in service-learning.

Program Goals


  • To identify specific healthcare needs and disparities that exist in South Africa as compared to the United States.
  • To learn and apply the principles and practices of community health nursing through assessing, planning, implementing, and evaluating the care of clients in community-based settings.
  • To increase awareness of the prevalence and effects of HIV.
  • “To lead students into an awareness of and ethical response to critical social issues that transcend national borders” (Task Force on Intentional Globalization; Final Report, June 2005, p.3).
  • “To cultivate in students and staff ways of perceiving, thinking, valuing, and acting ‘outside the box’ of their particular national and cultural heritage” (Task Force on Intentional Globalization; Final Report, June 2005, p.3).
  • Integrate and develop the core competencies of the APU BSN Program.


  • Collaborate with community-based organizations and services that provide health promotion, disease prevention, and health education.
  • Plan and implement a teaching project and a community project based on the specific needs of the local population.
  • Learn methods to address and teach basic information on HIV and antiretroviral therapy.
  • Encourage intentional dialogue among peers, faculty, and nationals about social and healthcare issues specific to South Africa.
  • Be immersed in South African communities and participate in home-stays while collaborating with local healthcare professionals.