Field Service Sites

As the APU South Africa Semester program strives to be Christ-centered and service-directed, students will be able to join a wide variety of off-campus service-learning and field research projects during the program while simultaneously taking the Principles and Practices of Community Engagement (GLBL 355) course.

This portion of the program seeks to guide students in integrating their major and career plans with the world’s deepest needs through an understanding of the principles and practice of global community building.

Project sites that have been selected for the Pietermaritzburg program include:

Riv’ Life

Riv’ Life International is a community center that focuses on holistic community development by addressing spiritual, social, economic, emotional, and physical needs within their neighborhood. They seek to alleviate poverty and decrease risk factors in their community by working with health, economic, youth, nutritional, social, and gender issues. Specific service opportunities may include volunteering at a drop-in center, helping with economic projects, raising AIDS awareness, and assisting unemployed persons. For more information, visit

Walk in the Light Ministries

Walk in the Light Ministries is a Christian mission organization that aims to express Christ’s love by meeting both the spiritual and physical needs of children, widows, and the sick in their community. Specific service opportunities include working with children, training locals in youth ministry, performing outreach evangelism, helping to create food gardens, and providing home based care for the terminally ill. For more information on Walk in the Light Ministries, visit their website at

Ithemba Projects

Ithemba Projects is a faith-based organization based on Christian principles and action. Ithemba works with the local youth and their education in hopes of empowering Mpumuza youth’s skill sets. By educating the youth, a new hope and bright future will be theirs! Ithemba’s passion is to create “an enabling environment for the people of Mpumuza through education, training and Christian discipleship.” To learn more about this organization, visit their website at

Mpophomeni Family Center (and Ethembeni Clinic)

The mission of the Ethembeni ministry is “to provide spiritual, emotional, and practical assistance to families affected by HIV/AIDS in the Mpophomeni area through the provision of home based care, family support with a focus on vulnerable children and residential care for terminally ill people.”

“The Mpophomeni Family Centre, a drop-in facility, cares for 40 orphans and vulnerable children a day by providing meals, psycho-social support, and structured play activities. The core values of these three programs are simple: God’s love and hope. Since the inception of these ministries, we have worked with over 500 HIV infected families, directly benefiting more than 2,000 people.” To learn more about these ministries, visit

Project sites that have been selected for the Cape Town program include:

Living Hope Ministries

Living Hope is a local non-profit organization that is “bringing hope, breaking despair.” They run a number of services ranging from addiction rehabilitation, palliative care, education programs for children, HIV/AIDS counseling and prevention, employment initiatives and other health-related projects. While Living Hope is unashamedly Christian in their ethos, they also partner with both Christian and non-Christian organizations. Students who volunteer through Living Hope may consequently be placed with a partner organization that does not have a Christian ethos.

Bottom-Up Development

Bottom-Up works in local schools in the Cape Flats, an area notorious for crime and poverty. They aim to provide extra-curricular activities at schools so that students are able to receive a solid education and a firm sense of self-worth. Previous APU students have been given the opportunity to run self-esteem workshops with primary school students.

Soteria Ministries

Soteria Ministries operates in Ocean View, a community afflicted by crime and abuse. Students who work at Soteria will build relationships with people in Ocean View and experience a range of ministry opportunities from home visits to possibly running a workshop for teenage girls.

Pink House

Pink House acts a service-orientated community center in the township of Masiphumelele. They run a host of activities from after-school events to parenting workshops to job readiness programs. This service site offers students a lot of flexibility and is well suited to students who like to take initiative.

St James Primary School

This primary school is located in the beautiful coastal village of Kalk Bay. Students are typically provided the opportunity to counsel students in both one-on-one and group settings. In the afternoons, the students will spend time in either Ocean View or Masiphumele volunteering at afterschool clubs for kids.