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Field Service Sites

The APU South Africa Semester strives to be Christ-centered and service-directed. Students have the opportunity to join in a wide variety of off-campus service-learning and field research projects during the final four weeks of the program. These projects are located in surrounding communities and include serving with an HIV/AIDS health program, teaching at an orphanage, interning with a local Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), and other opportunities with local community development organizations.

This portion of the program seeks to guide students in integrating their major and career plans with the world’s deepest needs through an understanding of the principles and practice of global community building. Students have an initial chance to visit all the service sites during their first few weeks in KwaZulu-Natal.

Examples of project sites include:


RivLife International is a community center that focuses on holistic community development by addressing spiritual, social, economic, emotional, and physical needs within their neighborhood. They seek to alleviate poverty and decrease risk factors in their community by working with health, economic, youth, nutritional, social, and gender issues. Specific service opportunities may include volunteering at a drop-in center, helping with economic projects, raising AIDS awareness, and assisting unemployed persons.

Walk in the Light Ministries

Walk in the Light Ministries is a Christian mission organization that aims to express Christ’s love by meeting both the spiritual and physical needs of children, widows, and the sick in their community. Specific service opportunities include working with children, training locals in youth ministry, performing outreach evangelism, helping to create food gardens, and providing home based care for the terminally ill. For more information, visit

Project Gateway

Project Gateway is a center where church-based programs work together to educate, train, and provide resources for local people. These outreach projects seek to equip, empower, and lead people into self-sufficiency. Some of their ongoing programs include business development, community care, short term foster care, shelters for the homeless, and a pregnancy crisis center. For more information, visit