Gallup Organization

The higher education department of the Gallup organization focuses on the discovery and development of strengths in students. Through their online instrument called StrengthsQuest, Gallup assists students to discover their talents and build upon them for academic success. The Noel Strengths Academy has a partnership with Gallup through the use of the StrengthsQuest instrument and the training of educators to assist campuses in being strengths-oriented.

Marcus Buckingham

Together with the Marcus Buckingham Company, the Noel Strengths Academy is creating a strengths-oriented curriculum focused on helping students to go deeper in their understanding of their strengths and how their strengths are used to maximize their academic and career potential.

Ministry Insights

The Noel Strengths Academy is forging a partnership with Ministry Insights with the goal of developing strengths-oriented resources for teams and groups. A strengths-oriented approach to team building will allow each team member to capitalize on their own strengths while valuing the strengths of their teammates.

For more information, download the Ministry Insights PDF.