The following section provides a brief overview of the Academy’s new resources. The website has many more resources available under the appropriate section.

Student and Student Development Professional Resources

Developing a Strengths-Oriented Organization Guidebook provides student leaders with practical resources to develop a vibrant student organization.

Student Organization Advising Resource demonstrates how to utilize a strengths perspective in the advising of student-led organizations.

Strengths and Leadership Course Curriculum is a 15-week undergraduate course curriculum designed to enable students to develop their strengths and the assets of others.   The emphasis on strengths of character and community are highlighted in the curriculum.

International Experience Reflection Journal guides students through an acculturation process based on their strengths of ability and character.

Developing Strengths of Character power point presentation provides an overview of character strength development and introduces the 24 character and virtue strengths identified through Peterson’s and Seligman’s book entitled Character Strengths and Virtues.

Faculty-Oriented Resources

FYE Curriculum and Teaching Guide is an empirically validated resource to augment existing first-year experience courses.

Assessment Resources

The Noel Strengths Academy and Doctoral Studies in Higher Education at Azusa Pacific University partner to provide colleges and universities with practical approaches to assessment.

Nationally Normed Sophomore Survey provides institutions with a broad understanding of the strengths and needs of their second-year students.

Strengths Assessment Program guides institutions in effective assessment of their unique strengths-related curricular and co-curricular programs.

Technological Innovations

The Noel Strengths Academy seeks to capture the imagination of a “wired” generation. Therefore, providing web-based resources has been an area of emerging development. Two new initiatives will emerge:

My Sky Café (beta test) is a campus-based web site that provides students an interactive character building environment and gives institutions on-going access to data on the character strengths of their student body.

UBEU (You Be You) Strengths Website

This website is geared for students who have taken the Clifton Strengths Finder and would like more information on the development of their unique strengths.  Universities will have the opportunity to brand it with their campus logo and add strengths data on faculty, staff, and key leaders in the community.