Student Leadership Opportunities

Holding a student leadership position on campus is a valuable opportunity for students to develop skills that will benefit them both personally and professionally. Student leaders will develop their interpersonal and task-management abilities as they face new situations and respond to the challenges they encounter, learning from their own experiences as well as from their mentors and peers.

Interested in becoming a student leader? APU offers numerous on-campus opportunities for students who wish to serve their peers and community.

View a list of available positions below and apply here.

  • Ambassador
Campus Pastors
  • D-Group Leaders
  • SALT
  • Senior Class Mentors
Center for Academic Service-Learning and Research
  • Service-Learning Advocate
Center for Student Action
  • International Chapel
  • Operations Coordinator Intern
  • Student Ministry Coordinator
  • Study Abroad
Chapel Programs
  • Senior Chapel Intern
  • Undergraduate Chapel Intern
  • Campus Life Intern
  • Campus Life Crew
  • Commuter Life Intern
  • Intramural Intern
  • Marketing Intern
  • Outdoor Adventures Intern
  • Performing Arts Intern
Office of Women's Development
  • Undergraduate Intern
Orientation and Transitions
  • Alpha Coordinator
  • Alpha Intern
  • Alpha Leader
  • APU Two Intern
  • Team Transfer Intern
  • Team Transfer Leader
Residence Life
  • Community Advisor
  • House Advisor
  • Living Area Counsel
  • Resident Advisor
  • Summer Resident Advisor
Student Government Association
  • Executive Positions
    Vice President
    Director of Communication
    Office Manager
    Speaker of the House
  • Senators
  • Communication Department
  • House of Representatives