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Leadership Positions

Interested in becoming a student leader? APU’s campus is full of unique opportunities for students who wish to serve their peers and community in a leadership capacity. Below is a list of offices and departments and the positions they offer, along with a description of the positions.

Holding Multiple Leadership Positions

It takes time and commitment to build meaningful relationships and carry out the various responsibilities of a leadership position. At times, student leaders can find their work to be as demanding as it is rewarding. Keeping a good balance between life, work, and school is essential, and certain positions require more time and energy than others. Limits on additional commitments for these positions help ensure the best possible experience for both leaders and those they serve.

If you wish to apply for multiple leadership positions in the same academic term, it is your responsibility to make sure that the time commitment involved for each can reasonably fit within your schedule. To help you do this, we have created a “compatibility” list that indicates which positions typically require more time and therefore do not match with other positions. Please review the Leadership Positions Compatibility List (PDF) before applying.

If you have any questions about compatibility or would like to petition for an exemption, please contact the specific office of the position in question.

New Leadership Opportunities
for Freshmen and Transfers (Fall)

Are you a freshman or a transfer student? Below is a list of offices that offer a unique opportunity for you to get an early start on becoming a student leader. You must be a freshman or a transfer student. These positions are offered for the fall semester only.



Residence Life

Student Government Association

Leadership Positions

To apply for one of the positions listed, please visit the Application page. Before applying, please read the Important Dates and Information (PDF) document for details about application deadlines, mandatory training dates, and more.

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