Re-entry Challenges

Top 10 Immediate Re-entry Challenges for Students:

  1. Boredom
  2. “No One Wants to Hear”
  3. You can’t explain
  4. Reverse “Homesickness”
  5. Relationships have changed
  6. People see “Wrong” Changes
  7. People Misunderstand
  8. Feelings of Alienation
  9. Inability to Apply New Knowledge and Skills
  10. Loss or Compartmentalization of Experience (“Shoe boxing”)

Other Symptoms and Feelings of Reverse Culture Shock:

Insecurity, uncertainty, confusion, frustration, loneliness, restlessness
Need for excessive sleep
Change in goals or priorities
Negativity toward American behavior
Feelings of resistance toward family and friends
Unrealistic expectations
Changes in lifestyle & fashion
Pressure to conform to cultural rules
Superiority due to international experience
Impatience with communication styles
New or different interests
Dissatisfaction with old social patterns
(Adapted from CIEE Debriefing Program, May ’06 International Educators magazine and International Students, Inc. )