Lithuania Christian College visits APU

Posted: September 22, 2006

It's snowing!

Photographer: Jonna Saethre

Photographer: Jonna Saethre

Photographer: Jonna Saethre

The APU Office of Study Abroad invites you to learn more about LITHUANIA! Visit the LCC Study Abroad Program on Cougar Walk this Thursday and attend the Lithuania Party hosted by former Study Abroad students. They will be making some traditional Lithuanian snacks (kepta duona ), have pictures, share experiences, etc. It is really informal – and a great opportunity for people who are interested in Lithuania to come and hear students perspective on this study abroad experience.

Lithuania Party

Thursday, September 28th

8 – 10 pm

Global Village #10

(Off of 5th street, past the 7/11)

Also feel free to make an appoiment with a Study Abroad advisor to talk about your various options! Call 626-815-2110 today to make an appointment.