Financial Aid Policies

Financial Aid Policy for International Programs

To assist the student with the cost of an international educational experience, the university may make academic scholarships and financial aid available for approved programs during the fall and spring semesters (see International and Off-Campus Programs below). Summer and interterm programs are developed specifically to supplement and enrich students’ standard fall and spring semester program, and there is typically no financial aid available to assist with the cost of these programs. All students participating in study abroad programs are required to pay the additional international health fee.

A student considering participating in an international program should first make an appointment with the Center for Global Learning and Engagement to review the options and procedures of enrollment. Once accepted to a study abroad program, the student should complete the Semester Financial Planning Form (PDF) and then consult with a counselor in the One Stop | Undergraduate Student Financial Services to discuss the program costs and financial options.

International, Study Abroad, and Off-campus Programs

Group 1 Program Policies

Students participating within international and off-campus education Group 1 programs (Azusa Oxford Semester, China Nursing Semester, Ecuador Semester, Global Learning Term, High Sierra Semester, L.A. Term, Norway Nursing Semester, and South Africa Semester) approved by Azusa Pacific University for student participation during either the fall or spring semester:

  • Will be charged standard, on-campus tuition except for more costly programs for which a higher tuition shall be charged to provide a minimum administrative margin of $500.
  • Undergraduate students may not participate in two consecutive semesters off-campus in approved study abroad programs (for this policy, consecutive semesters are considered to be fall/spring and spring/fall). The maximum times a student may utilize their institutional financial aid (this does not include campus requirement aid such as athletic scholarships, music, etc.) for semester study away purposes will be two semesters. Petitions for exception to this policy may be appealed through the Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Programs, using the General Petition process in One Stop.
  • Students may only register for designated APU courses online as offered by individual programs.
  • May incur additional fees if they enroll in independent study courses while studying abroad.

Faculty/Staff Tuition Discount and Tuition Exchange Benefit

One faculty/staff tuition discount and one tuition exchange benefit can be awarded each semester for international and domestic off-campus programs, including the Azusa Oxford Semester and Ecuador Semester programs (China Nursing Semester, Global Learning Term, L.A. Term, South Africa Semester, and High Sierra Semester programs are not included in this limitation). The selection will be determined in order by (1) academic merit: cumulative GPA and academic major; (2) academic rank: first semester senior, then second semester junior, etc.; and (3) tenure of faculty/staff employment at the university.

Group 2 Program Policies

At this time, no institutional aid will be provided by APU for Group 2 programs. Federal, state, and other outside scholarship or fellowship funding will be available for these programs approved by the Center for Global Learning and Engagement. Students will pay for the actual cost of the Group 2 program plus APU processing fees.* Same as Group 1 programs, students are eligible to receive their federal, state, and other noninstitutional scholarships or fellowship funding for a maximum of two semesters of off-campus programs, limited to one semester per academic year. Students are not allowed to register for APU online or independent study courses while studying abroad with Group 2 programs.

Winter/Summer Program Policies

Since international programs sponsored or approved by Azusa Pacific University for student participation during the interterm and summer are developed specifically with the intent to assist students in supplementing and enriching their standard fall and spring semester education, financial aid is typically not available. However, to assist with the cost of travel, the tuition is reduced from the standard summer school charge, except for programs where the tuition is higher than at APU, in which case the program's tuition will be charged. All students participating in study away programs (Groups 1 and 2) and registered through APU will be charged the additional $500 study away fee and International Health Fee.

Other International Program Policies

Students who are considering other programs which are not sponsored or approved by Azusa Pacific University, should meet with the Center for Global Learning and Engagement prior to applying and enrolling in the program. A leave of absence from APU may be required in order to participate in the program. Upon completion of the program, an official transcript should be sent to APU, subject to the same standards of evaluation as other transfers of credit.

*APU "processing fees" may include, but are not limited to: $500 study abroad fee, undergraduate services fee, on-campus medical insurance fee, and international health fee.