Understanding Your Financial Aid

Study Abroad Program Financial Aid Groups

Group 1 Programs

These programs allow APU students to apply their FULL Financial Aid towards a study abroad semester, including ALL federal, state, and institutional (APU) aid. APU Scholarships requiring on-campus participation are not included. Students cannot take a Leave of Absence for these programs.

Group 2 Programs

These programs allow APU students to apply their FULL federal and state financial aid. At this time, NO institutional aid can be processed for these programs. Students will register for the program's courses through APU and pay the actual cost of the program plus APU processing fees. In some cases, a Leave of Absence may be permissible.

APU Summer & Winter Programs

Although financial aid cannot be given for the sole purpose of a winter or summer program, any financial aid credit on your student account from a previous semester can be applied to a winter or summer program. Also, for approved summer programs through any Group 2 program providers, APU students will have to pay a $500 processing fee and possible insurance costs.

Financial Aid Types

Federal: Stafford Loans, Parent Loans, Pell Grant, etc.

State: Cal Grant, etc.

Institutional: Dean’s Scholarship, Sibling Discount, APU Cal Grant Scholarship, etc.

Any of the above listed options may ONLY be applied through the APU off-campus registration process. The registration form can be found at www.apu.edu/studyabroad/forms/. Taking a “Leave of Absence” will void any financial aid options listed above.