Australia Studies Centre (ASC)

The Australia Studies Centre is offered in partnership with Christian Heritage College (CHC), a CCCU affiliate member in Carindale, a suburb of Brisbane, Queensland. The ASC is designed to integrate the firsthand observation and study of Australian culture, history, religion, politics and indigenous cultures together with experiential service learning and formal instruction in Christian Studies, Business Ministries, Social Sciences and Education and Humanities. Every student is required to take the courses “The View from Australia: Issues in Religion, Politics, Economics and Cultural Values” and “Australian Aboriginal Cultures” or "Indigenous Cultures in Australia and Aotearoa (New Zealand)". Additionally, students choose electives from CHC offerings in the School of Christian Studies, School of Business, School of Education and Humanities, School of Ministries, and School of Social Sciences. Students live with Australian families and volunteer with local community service providers. To experience the various aspects of Australian culture, students spend time in the Australian capital, Canberra, travel to the edge of the Australian Outback, and have the option to spend the last week of the semester connecting with the Maori people in New Zealand. ASC students earn 16 semester hours of credit. For more information, visit