Creation Care Studies Program (CCSP)

The Creation Care Study program is a high-caliber academic semester abroad connecting Christian faith with the most complex, urgent global issues of the coming decades through studies in development, ecology, theology, and literature. We offer two programs during both fall and spring semesters: one in Belize, Central America and one in the South Pacific (New Zealand and Samoa). Adventurous students embrace new intellectual and spiritual challenges while experiencing the unparalleled learning opportunities of tropical rainforests, mountain streams, and coral reefs. Natural wonders, vibrant cross-cultural exchange, and outstanding faculty combine to make CCSP the semester of a lifetime.

The Creation Care Study Program (CCSP) is a four-month study abroad program offered in two international locations: Central America (Belize) and the South Pacific (Samoa and New Zealand). The goal of CCSP is to develop and nurture the knowledge, care, and practical competence necessary to be caretakers of creation. At the core of each program are three, four-credit classes in theology (God and Nature), biology (Tropical Ecosystems or Ecosystems of the South Pacific), and sustainable development (Introduction to Sustainable Community Development). Internships are also offered in the student’s major as well as elective classes in anthropology, Latin American Studies, or Environmental Literature. For additional information, visit the website at, email, or contact the Department of Biology and Chemistry at (626) 815-3840.

This program is not eligible for a Leave of Absence. Students must remain registered with the university.