Europe Summer Program (L'APEU)

Program Description

In this summer intensive program, students travel to more than eight countries in five weeks, visiting more than 10 international organizations like Nestlé and working with orphans for several days on a mission’s project with a Youth for Christ center in the Czech Republic. Take classes and tour Rome on a Vespa! The field visits range from corporate and not-for-profit encounters in the luxury, auto, healthcare, and household goods industries as well as government and financial institutions like the European Central Bank (ECB). We engage in presentations, focus groups, tours and visit with internationally oriented managers, executives, and APU alumni. Experience amazing food, bike tours, mountain peaks, fortresses, musical events and more; immerse yourself in international business and culture. Engage in peek life and learning opportunities through faith-based experiences and personal challenges that God will use to speak into your future.

The program begins with one week of classes at the APU campus, and then it’s off to Europe to experience the world abroad! We visit England, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, and the Czech Republic. The students will stay in hostels or bed and breakfasts, Torchbearer Castles, and 3–4 star hotels. For more information, visit our Facebook page.

Tentative Courses Offered

The following courses include on campus lectures prior to departure:
MKTG 362
Consumer Behavior
BUSI 370
International Business
IBUS 373
Global Marketing Management
BUSI 496
Senior Seminar: Business Ethics
BUSI 448
Organization and Administrative Behavior