Biola Heidelberg Semester

Biola University’s Conservatory of Music invites students to study with musicians from the Heidelberg Orchestra and faculty from the Heidelberg area. In addition to their coursework and involvement in ensembles, students will enjoy field trips to Salzburg and Vienna Austria, and Leipzig and Eisenach, Germany. Biola’s program seeks to create the opportunity for Christian musicians to partner with musicians from other Christian universities. The program includes a Spiritual Life/Music Integration Seminar, led by a Biola Faculty member to maintain the semester’s significant spiritual component. Some courses through the program and their APU equivalents are listed below. For additional information and courses, talk to the Center for Global Learning & Engagement at or (626) 857-2440.

SA Course ID Course Title APU Equivalent APU Course Title
HIST 208 World Civ HIST 121 World Civilizations Since 1648
HUFR 101 or 102 German 1 GERM 101 or 102 Elementary German
MUSC 480 Directed Research MUS 455 Late Romantic and Early 20th Century Music Lit
MUSC 323 Basic Conducting MUS 361 Intro to Conducting
MUSC 480 Directed Research MUS 353 Concert Music
Ensemble Ensemble
Applied Instrument Applied Instrument