How to Study Abroad through a Non-APU Program

  1. Research your program options.
  2. Be aware of the financial implications of studying abroad through your program.
    1. Understand the Financial Aid Group.
    2. Talk with your Student Financial Services Counselor and your parents.
  3. Make sure that your credits transfer back to APU!
    1. Transfer Inquiry Form: You must fill out this form at One Stop. You will want to attach course descriptions of the courses you will take at the university overseas, and find the Course ID that you want your course to transfer back as in the APU Course Catalog. This form requires signatures by your academic advisor if any of the courses you plan on taking are in your academic major.
  4. Apply to the program
    1. You will probably apply online, through the program’s website.
    2. As part of your application, you will usually need to have Study Abroad complete some forms for you, so drop them by the office. We need at least 2 weeks to process the paperwork before the deadline.
  5. Leave of Absence Paperwork
    1. Once you’ve been accepted, and are sure you’re going to go, you need to pick up a “Leave of Absence” (LOA) form, which you can obtain in the Center for Global Learning & Engagement. The LOA process puts your APU account on hold while you study abroad. If you do this, you will not need to reapply to the university when you return. (Be advised: the LOA process requires getting multiple signatures, and takes time!)

For more help on how to study abroad at the location of your choice, please feel free to set up a meeting with a study abroad advisor in the Center for Global Learning and Engagement.