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APU TESOL Summer Program

This program offers you the opportunity to teach English to Karen students in Mae La Refugee Camp in Thailand near the Burma border*. Many of the students are displaced and not permitted to enter Thailand nor able to return to Burma where they fled from fighting. While teaching English, you will learn how those with so little can teach you so much about finding hope in seemingly hopeless situations. It is here where your knowledge, faith, and service can come together in a tangible way to encounter a space where God’s call and your gifts combine. For an application and more information regarding this trip, please contact Mary Wong in the Department of Global Studies, Sociology, and TESOL at (626) 815-3844.

Available Course(s):

TESL 456
Teaching Practicum(Up to 30 ministry credits for service-learning is available.)
TESL 509
Special Topics in TESOL
TESL 545
Second-language Pedagogy I
TESL 557
Reflective Teaching

*Locations vary each summer.
**Earn up to 30 ministry credits for service learning.