Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best semester to study abroad? Do I have to wait until my junior year?
Many students choose to wait until their junior year to study abroad, but that is not always the case. Programs such as High Sierra and South Africa, which have more general studies classes available, are well-suited to freshman and sophomores. If you want to study abroad during your senior year, you will need to sign a senior year agreement, and make sure ahead of time that all your classes will transfer. You may not take a Leave of Absence to study abroad during your senior year.

How much does it cost? Will my scholarships transfer?
Costs vary from program to program, so please explore the Financial Aid section of our website. This page explains the financial aid process for studying abroad. If a program is listed on our Approved Programs page, you can participate in the program without taking a Leave of Absence, while paying APU tuition. For more specific questions relating to your program, please email us at

Where can I go?
For the full list of APU approved programs, please visit the Approved Programs section on our website; the programs are organized by location as well as discipline. While we offer a variety of study abroad options to students, it isn’t possible to offer programs everywhere, so if there is a specific program you want to get into that we don’t offer, we’ll do our best to help you get there!

What do I need to do if I want to study abroad through a non-APU program?
APU offers a variety of study abroad options for students, but if you should want to participate in a unique study abroad opportunity outside of what we offer, please visit for specific details on how to go about that process. Non-APU programs require a separate application process.

What forms are required to study abroad?
All of the forms that you will need to study abroad through an APU approved program are available at If you are planning on taking a Leave of Absence to study abroad through a non-APU program, you should fill out the appropriate Leave of Absence forms.

Can I study abroad as a senior?
Yes, however, the student must file a petition with APU’s study abroad office, the Center for Global Learning and Engagement. Senior terms abroad may not be the most viable option in individual situations, but are allowable. It is strongly encouraged that ALL courses be approved prior to departure. The student takes full responsibility for accomplishing graduation requirements. The Undergraduate Catalog states, “Generally, seniors are not permitted to study abroad in their last semester. Seniors who desire to study abroad in the final semester are required to submit a petition to the Center for Global Learning and Engagement and satisfactorily complete the Intent to Graduate form prior to departure for the off-campus program.”

I am a Trustee’s Scholar; will my scholarship apply to my study abroad program?
Yes, if you attend the Azusa South Africa Semester, or any of the (CCCU) programs, the full trustee’s scholarship will apply. Some restrictions may apply; please contact the Center for Global Learning and Engagement for more details.

Can I take a Leave of Absence as a senior?
According to the residency requirement for graduation in the Undergraduate Catalog:

To earn an Azusa Pacific University undergraduate degree, the following units must be earned at APU:

  • at least 30 total semester units
  • eighteen of the last 24 units counted toward the degree
  • at least 15 upper-division units in the major field
  • at least 50 percent of the units in the minor field, concentration, or emphasis (if any)

Neither transfer credit (including correspondence courses) nor credit by examination (CLEP, AP, IB) may be used to fulfill the above residency requirement. The units for APU study abroad and university-endorsed study abroad programs may be used to fulfill the university residency requirement.

*Courses transferred as a result of taking a leave of absence will not count towards the residency requirement.

Will my courses transfer?
All units from approved study abroad programs (listed on the “Programs” section of this website) will transfer in as Non-General Education Elective Units, unless specifically approved via the Transfer Inquiry Form (PDF) or the “Off-Campus Registration Form.” (This form is completed after acceptance to the study abroad program, and is only for students going through APU, not for those taking a Leave of Absence.) Each course should be submitted by the student for approval.

If you are taking a Leave of Absence, you should also fill out a Transfer Inquiry Form in the Office of the Undergraduate Registrar.

If I register to study abroad through APU, do I have to pay the insurance fee, even if I have other appropriate coverage?
Yes, APU wants to make every effort to ensure a safe study abroad experience, and requires the international insurance fee. There will be no exceptions.