Global Scholar Online Courses

The Center for Global Education developed courses to help students benefit from study abroad experience as a complete cycle. The courses provide the opportunity for cross-cultural learning, making better sense of students’ experiences abroad, and further refining their skills in cross-cultural observation, adaptation, and communication.

These courses include information from students who have studied abroad, staff who work with them in the U.S. and abroad, faculty who teach abroad, and researchers who have developed materials to help students through the process. Many of the topics dealt with are practical in nature, but theoretical and conceptual issues will also be explored. Throughout the courses, students will be asked for Individual Reflection and Interacting with Others about their experiences they encounter preparing and studying abroad, and reentering in the U.S. Regardless of where they are in their study abroad process, we hope that they will take advantage of the information provided here!

The following three courses are designed to help students, depending on what stage of the study abroad journey they are in:

  • Before You Leave
  • While You’re Abroad
  • Once You Return

Students who study abroad for academic credit and complete all three courses, including the Info Log assignments and the home campus and K-12 or Community College outreach presentations required in the third course, will earn the Global Scholar Certificate.

Global Scholar Certificate

The Global Scholar Certificate is a symbol of academic achievement that can be earned by any college or university student who studies abroad for academic credit and completes all three Global Scholar Online Courses, including the Info Log assignments and the home campus and K–12 or community college outreach presentations required in the third course.

The Global Scholar Online Courses can help turn what for many students may be an unconnected experience into a meaningful integrated international learning experience. Additionally, they connect participants to their home campus and community through mentorship and outreach, enabling returned study abroad students to make their overseas experience relevant and useful. Following completion of the courses and recognition of their achievement through a Global Scholar Certificate, students will have something tangible and marketable that they can add to their resume displaying their accomplishments.

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