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Parents and Family Guide

Parents and family are important supporters of students’ education abroad experience. As parents, it will almost certainly be a defining period in your son or daughter’s educational experience. It is our goal at the Center for Global Learning & Engagement that the journey your son or daughter takes, will transform him or her to serve and lead in the global culture of the 21st century and carry out APU’s mission of advancing God’s work in the world.

The center’s advisors and trained student staff work with each student to ensure that their individual needs and concerns are addressed before, during, and after their learning abroad experience. While federal law (FERPA) prevents the center from disclosing a student’s education records, please feel free to contact us if you have questions about our programs: (626) 857-2440 or

We encourage you to browse the resources available on this site to help understand how to best support your son or daughter and maximize their study abroad experience. We hope this adventure proves itself enriching!

Before They Go

While They’re Abroad

When They Return

Additional Resources


We gratefully acknowledge University of Minnesota, University of the Pacific, George Washington, CIEE, and School for International Training, whose materials we refer on this site.