Planning for Your Experience Abroad

With so many options for global learning, you may need help deciding which programs are best for you. Even if you’re just beginning to think about studying abroad, you’ll want to ask yourself a few of these questions to help you narrow down your search.

  • Do you want to fulfill major requirements abroad? Does your major offer a study abroad option?
  • Do you have a minor that you can fulfill abroad? (Keep in mind, you can only take up to 50 percent of your minor requirements outside of APU!)
  • What foreign language do you want to study? Can you fulfill it while abroad?
  • What general studies units do you have left? Can they be fulfilled abroad?
  • Are some of your major classes offered only once a year?
  • Do you want to be involved in on-campus leadership? What semester would be the best for you to be abroad then?
  • What is most important for you?
    • Financial Aid transferring
    • Going abroad in the summer
    • Graduating on time
    • Getting to the country/program of your choice
  • Are there prerequisites for any of the courses you want to take while overseas?
  • Are you a senior by credits? Are you aware of the senior transferring units limitations? (18 of your last 24 units MUST be taken at APU.)

After you’ve asked yourself these questions, email the Center for Global Learning & Engagement at to set up a meeting with a Global Engagement Mentor, who will help you begin to plan, and help you with the details of your selected program.

After Meeting with a Global Engagement Mentor

  • Prepare a semester-by-semester plan (bring sample) with Study Abroad included.
  • Bring that plan to your academic advisor.
  • Go to the undergraduate registrar and fill out a Transfer Inquiry Form for the courses at a couple of the programs you’re interested in.
  • Check with your financial advisor in Student Financial Services about your financial aid and your desired program.

Additional Opportunities

Write about your experience! The Glimpse Correspondents Program is an opportunity for students, volunteers, teachers, and travelers who will be abroad for more than than 10 weeks to share their stories and photography from abroad and possibly have them published. The program provides selected writers and photographers with one-on-one editorial training and support in building their portfolio of published work. Anyone 18 years of age and older is eligible, and writers and photographers of all skill and experience levels are encouraged to apply. Selections are made not only on candidates’ talent in writing or photography, but on their vision for engaging communities and finding unique stories while abroad, as well as their commitment to developing these stories into polished long-form narratives over the course of the program. Learn more about the Glimpse Correspondents Program.