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Traveling While Abroad

For helpful tips on staying safe during your time abroad, download the following document:

Key Strategies for Avoiding an Emergency While Studying Abroad (PDF)

Affordable Airline Carriers

Want to take a side-trip as part of your study abroad adventure, but don't have much cash to spare? Ninety affordable, no-frills airlines fly across Europe! While you may not get the typical complimentary bag of peanuts, these airlines make it possible to travel on the tightest student budget.

Next time you decide to fly, check out these carriers, all tested and approved by APU study abroad alumni:

European Railway offers rail passes to non-European students to discover Europe by train. It is a great way to visit the best places in Europe.

How to Find the Cheapest Ticket

Above all, remember that ticket prices fluctuate strongly according to demand, often on an hourly basis, and there are no hard rules for obtaining the cheapest fares.