Rome Summer 2013 - Azusa Pacific University

Posted: July 11, 2012

The Rome Study Abroad Summer program is a short-term program which offers general studies and advanced courses in Theology and Art. This program will provide students with the opportunity to directly encounter classical, medieval, and renaissance art, architecture, and religious and Roman civic settings to gain knowledge and the ability to recognize art from various periods and contexts and to contextualize the development of Christian doctrines in their original settings of development.   Also, it will teach students to use various approaches to art criticism in historical contexts as well as analyze the development of various doctrines in their original contexts and the reflection of those doctrines in the developing material culture and its interdisciplinary influences from politics, philosophy, and the worldviews of many cultures which populated the early and medieval Christian world.

Courses offerred:
THEO 352   Church History: Apostlic Age to 1517
THEO 424   The formation of Early Christianity
ART  361   Early Christian and Medieval Art
ART  495   Art & Architecture of Italy

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Dr. Jacquelyn Winston at

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