Coram Deo Presents: "Faith Intersections"

Posted: September 20, 2012

 Should a Christian be involved in politics, and if so, is there a particularly Christian point of view on certain political issues? What is the role of education and the pursuit of intellectual ideas – do intellectual pursuits diminish Christian spirituality and how can Christian scholars balance seemingly contradictory conclusions from advanced intellectual study with the traditional tenets of their Christian faith? How do we reconcile belief in the healing power of Christ with the reality of mental illness among Christians? Does the church have a responsibility to address this issue? The gospels discuss money more than any other topic, but is there a specifically Christian view of money? What is our responsibility to the poor and what should be our attitudes toward wealth?   Given the church’s historical views regarding Christians’ involvement in the arts, how should we understand a modern Christian response to the arts? 

Join us as we engage these important intersections of faith and real world issues.  Each month we will post a detailed flyer of the event.
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Duke 127 
Faith and...
October 2, 2012       ...Politics
November 6, 2012   ...the Lure of Intellectual Knowledge
January 22, 2013     ...a Christian View of Mental Illness
March 12, 2013        ...Money
April 16, 2013            ...the Arts
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