Coram Deo Presents: We Believe....

Posted: January 31, 2014

February 25th * 6:30 PM * Duke 127, West Campus

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In recent years, the Christian church has experienced an identity crisis, often becoming lost in peripheral issues.  Perhaps it is unsurprising that one popular response to this crisis has been an increasing interest in classic Christian doctrine -shared historical Christian belief.  The faith expressed in the 4th century Nicene Creed is often identified as the standard of this shared historical Christian faith because it continues to be the statement that unites Christians: Protestant and Catholic, Eastern and Western, ancient and modern. 

 But is it enough simply to claim the Creed?  Doesn’t God in Christ draw us in deeper to ask not only what Christian doctrine means for Christian believing but also what it means for Christian being?  Therefore, this year, Coram Deo would like to lead the APU community in a dialogue about the historical essentials of our faith and what these essentials might mean for our very real living in the very real world. 

 Join us this year as we seek to discover together what sort of “legs” historical Christian doctrine found in the Creed might have.  It may be old, but does that necessarily mean it is slow?

Panel Discussion:

Monica Ganas - Theatre, film, and TV

Justin Marc Smith - Biblical Studies

Josh Rasmussen - Philosophy

Paul Boles - Theology

Moderator - Jacquelyn Winston - Theology



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