Beginnings Course

The Beginnings course is a leadership course that focuses on the issue of "love" as related to a Christian worldview. The course will be instrumental in learning and understanding the depth of God's love, and applying it to our daily lives. Through small groups, students will focus on loving themselves for who God made them to be, loving those who are hurting, and loving those who are different. Ultimately, they learn what it means to live an authentic, Christian life as a student at APU, and in days to come.


As a result of attending the Beginnings course, students will:

  1. Identify individual strengths and learn how to best utilize them in their daily lives
  2. Discuss and debate current college and university issues dealing with day-to-day student life
  3. Learn and explore diverse cultures, backgrounds, beliefs, and world issues
  4. Realize the importance of each student's contribution to society, and within the body of Christ
  5. Learn how to work, teach, serve, and accomplish goals within a team setting
  6. Gain a profound understanding of God's love, and how to show His love throughout our daily live

Course Outline

Loving yourself
Week 1 Introduction to Beginnings
  • An overview of objectives and purpose
  • Introduction: The “Millennial” generation
  • Review Syllabus/Schedule semester group meeting times
  • Introduction to the StrengthsFinder
Week 2 Strengths within relationships
  • Building awareness of our strengths
  • Concept of developing strengths
Week 3 Strengths Application
  • God-Honoring Excellence
  • Strengths-based educational planning
  • Strengths-based career development
Loving those who hurt
Week 4 Sexual Assault on the College Campus
  • Guest speaker
Week 5 Men’s and Women’s issues - Breakout groups
  • Guest speakers
Week 6 Addiction
  • Guest speaker
Loving those who are different
Week 7 Diversity through the eyes of film
Week 8 Genocide/Racism/Anti-Semitism
  • Guest Speaker - Elane Norych Geller
    (Child survivor of the Jewish Holocaust)
Week 9 What does it mean to love?
  • “Why should I care?”
Week 10 Tying it all together!