Academic Affairs

University College’s academic programs are facilitated by academically qualified practitioners with real-world experience. The academic department works to ensure student success and set up the path toward lifelong learning.


  • Kurt Takamine, Ed.D.
    Chief Academic Officer
  • Wayne Herman, Ph.D.
    Assistant Dean
  • Gordon Jorgenson, M.A.
    Assistant Dean
  • Rhonda McEwen, Ph.D.
    Assistant Dean
  • John Washatka, Ed.D.
    Assistant Dean

Curriculum and Teaching Excellence

  • Frank Berry, Ph.D.
    Curriculum Specialist/Associate Professor
  • Brant Himes, Ph.D.
    Curriculum Specialist/Faculty


  • Richard Durfield, Ph.D.
  • Shannon Hunt, M.A.
  • Scott Edgar, Ph.D., D.Min.
  • Fred Garlett, Ed.D.
  • Jeff Slattery, DBA
  • Joanna Vance, Ph.D.
  • Robert Waltz, Ed.D.

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