Student Success and Support Services

Success in the University

University College is deeply committed to student success. From the time you apply to when you walk across the stage at graduation, UC partners with you in every step of your journey. One of the key distinctives of the University College experience is your support system. Learn more about the various ways UC supports students:

Student Support Central

  • Serves as primary resource office for certificate and non-degree-seeking students
  • Guides student through new learner orientation
  • Assists with course selection and registration
  • Helps learner understand the basics of financial aid

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The Office of Transitions, Orientation, and Success Coaching

  • Introduces online students to UC’s learning management system, Moodle
  • Equips student with learning techniques and tips for success in the classroom
  • Provides academic advising and planning to ensure clear path at UC
  • Offers prayer, encouragement, and spiritual guidance

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The Office of Academic and Career Advising

  • Guides learners through their upper-division coursework to ensure they are on track to graduate
  • Provides career advice through job search tips, resume and cover letter reviews, and interviewing techniques
  • Offers specialized knowledge of student’s career field
  • Helps student link education to career

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University College students have access to a wealth of resources to support their educational and personal journey. From extensive library services to 24/7 online tutoring to career advice, University College’s resources are designed to set students up for success.