Phone Lines

The university provides both Direct Inward Dial (DID) and non-DID phone lines. If you have a DID number, your callers may use the prefix and extension to call your phone directly. If you have a non-DID number, callers must dial (626) 815-6000 and enter your extension.

The following are the university Direct Dial extensions listed with their corresponding prefixes. These can be dialed with the pattern (626) + Prefix + Ext.

Extension Prefix Extension Prefix
20xx 815 21xx 815
22xx 857 24xx 857
25xx 804 26xx 804
27xx 804 30xx 812
38xx 815 45xx 815
46xx 815 50xx 815
53xx 815 54xx 815
57xx 387 58xx 387
60xx 815 61xx 815
63xx 815 64xx 815

Any other extension not listed above is considered a nondirect extension and can be dialed via the automated attendant at (626) 815-6000.

To allow the switchboard operator the opportunity to answer incoming calls as efficiently as possible, we request that you provide your callers with your DID number or 4-digit extension. Please use the DID lines and the automated attendant at (626) 815-6000 whenever possible.

If you receive a call from a caller who needs to speak with another department or person, please transfer the caller directly to the requested extension. This prevents the caller from being bounced around several times before getting in touch with the intended destination.

Additions, Moves, and Changes

All requests for adds, moves, and changes to office phones require advance notice of at least one week. All requests need a dean or director-level approval and must be accompanied by an account number and proper line to be charged for material costs. Line item 5067 may NOT be used for purchases. It is only to be used for the monthly utility charges for your department.

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