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Working with the Media

As APU faculty and staff, you have the potential to serve as a great source of information to the media. Keep in mind that sharing information with reporters influences the credibility and integrity of both you and the university. Additionally, keeping the community and alumni aware of faculty and staff research findings generates even more support for students and the campus. Perhaps most importantly, by speaking to the press you have the opportunity to communicate your message or findings to thousands, perhaps millions of people.

Still, the idea of speaking to a reporter can be intimidating. To help prepare you to speak to reporters, the media relations team has compiled a list of tips for working with the media. If you have further questions, have been contacted by a reporter, or anticipate talking to the media, please contact Maureen Taylor at (626) 815-4510 or Rachel White at (626) 815-4502.

If a media representative contacts you, please adhere to the following:

Tips for working with the media:

What to do when a reporter shows up in your office:

Tips for speaking on camera:

Media interview DOs and DON’Ts:



To learn more about University Relations’s media relations, please visit