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Using RSS

How to Read and Subscribe to RSS Feeds

Before you begin subscribing to APU’s RSS feeds, you need a place to read the subscriptions. Subscribers have several options for reading news:

  1. A customizable personal site, such as or Google Reader.
  2. A desktop RSS news reader or aggregator, available for both Windows (SharpReader) and Macintosh (NetNewsWire Lite), or web-based (
  3. An RSS browser plug-in, such as Pluck for Internet Explorer and Firefox.
  4. An RSS-enabled browser, such as Safari.

Which application you use to read RSS feeds is up to you, and you can use more than one.

Once you have selected and set up your personal site, news reader, or an RSS-enabled browser, you can subscribe to any APU RSS feed in a number of ways.

Still have more questions?
Watch this helpful video on YouTube.

Note: If you use My Yahoo or other web portals to read your subscriptions, please follow the procedures described on those sites to subscribe to a feed. Look for text similar to, “Add RSS by URL.”

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