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Meet Our Students

“The location makes the commute ideal and the personal, small, intimate setting makes me feel more important and like a part of the university. I know that if I don’t show up for class, I am missed.”
Erica Marie Smith, Single-Subject Teaching Credential

“The Ventura APU staff was able to support my need to finish all my classes and meet all my deadlines with encouragement and rallying support. I was able to finish my degree in one year and now am able to work with the families that need me most. Thank you, APU, for helping me achieve, at the age of 41, what my own high school counselor never encouraged me to do.”
Norma Perez-Sanford, M.A. in Education: Educational Counseling and Pupil Personnel Services Credential

“I chose APU because of its reputation as a Christian university that provided a high-quality education. I was excited to attend a university that embraces both faith and excellence in learning. The ethics and worldview classes have been especially useful in helping me, as a Christian, see how my faith can appropriately be lived out as I perform my duties as a business person. I will be able to evaluate my actions at work in light of my knowledge of the Word of God.”
Robin Walker, B.S. in Organizational Leadership

“I have made many friends during the time I have spent at APU and have also been able to learn from the other students in my class. My professors and I have developed relationships both professionally and personally, and I am very much looking forward to maintaining these relationships after I graduate from APU.”
Stacie King, M.A. in Education: Special Education

“APU has encouraged me spiritually and has allowed me to tie my education, professional, and personal lives together. I am proud to say that I attend APU and that my degree will represent my education and my beliefs.”
Mary-Allyn Garcia, M.A. in Education: Teaching and Multiple-Subject Teaching Credential

“The dynamics of the classes promote leadership qualities, quality peer interaction, a connection of curriculum to real life experiences, and a strong personal and professional bond with professors. The benefits are overwhelming and the support spiritually and academically from the staff encouraged me to see this program through with integrity.”
Lisa Ann Velazquez, M.A. Education: Curriculum and Instruction in Multicultural Contexts