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Frequently Asked Questions

General Program Questions

How long will my program take?

Education programs take 18–30 months and Adult and Professional Studies programs take 15–19 months depending on the program specifics and student’s pace. Please refer to the website for program details. Education credentials and graduate degree information can be found at

Do you have job placement programs for your graduates?

Our on-campus Office of Career Services in Azusa helps current students and alumni to find jobs, obtain interviews, write résumeés, etc. This office also hosts two career fairs each spring to assist both students and employers – the Nursing Career Forum (targeted to all undergraduate- and graduate-level nursing students and alumni), and Teacher Career Forum (targeted to credential, master’s, and doctoral School of Education students and alumni). You can read more about Career Services online at

Please also note that our academic departments help with job placement. For instance, if you were a business student, our School of Business and Management faculty and staff would utilize their networks to help you find a job that fits your goals. Given a low student-to-faculty ratio in the undergraduate program (14:1 in 2009–10), we are also able to capitalize on relationships that faculty have with local organizations.

When should I plan on being in class?

Most students take two classes, two nights per week. Classes either start at 4:45 p.m. and end at 9:30 p.m. or start at 6 p.m. and end at 10 p.m.

What is the average class size and what if a classes are full?

There are usually 12 to 15 students in each class. When enrollment is full, we will work with students to add another section.

Who are the instructors?

The regional center teaching faculty is a combination of full-time professors and part-time individuals who are leaders in their career fields.

School of Adult and Professional Studies

I have heard that you have an Adult and Professional Studies program (formerly Accelerated Degree Program) aimed at “mature” students. I would like information about this program.

Our School of Adult and Professional Studies (APS) programs provides mature students with the opportunity to complete their undergraduate degrees. The degree completion programs are experience-based degrees for working adults, offering majors in five different areas: organizational leadership, management information systems/computer information systems, Christian leadership, liberal studies, and the RN to BSN degree program.

Designed specifically for the adult learner, the programs offer flexible class scheduling, convenient locations, accelerated curricula, and a simplified registration process.

You can go to to find out more about these programs.

Is the Adult and Professional Studies (APS) program accredited?

Yes. They are regionally accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). You can read more about the university’s accreditation at

I’m interested in APU’s Bachelor of Science in Christian Leadership Program. Where can I learn more about it?

Designed for individuals involved in church or parachurch ministry, the B.S. in Christian Leadership program prepares graduates for a broad spectrum of leadership roles. Visit to learn more.

Graduate Programs

Are Bible classes required for graduate students?

No. Azusa Pacific University is an evangelical Christian community of disciples and scholars who seek to advance the work of God in the world through academic excellence in liberal arts and professional programs of higher education that encourage students to develop a Christian perspective of truth and life. As such, a Christian worldview is incorporated into each class within the graduate program. However, graduate students are not required to take Bible classes in addition to the required classes for a program.

Application Process

I am interested in applying to the university. What does the application for admission entail and how would I apply?

You can apply to the university's programs online by going to and selecting your program of interest. From here, you can apply to our traditional undergraduate, our graduate, our international student, or our adult and professional studies programs.

You can also request a printed application online at or call the university at (800) 825-5278 to request one to be mailed to you.

How soon can I start?

Application should begin as soon as possible. Because one can encounter unanticipated obstacles, it is recommended to start your application at least six weeks prior to the beginning of a term to ensure that all the pieces can be processed. If you have questions regarding this matter, please contact the Ventura County Regional Center.


How much is tuition for graduate and degree completion programs?

The total cost of attendance for one year depends on the program. For general tuition and fees for graduate (master’s and doctoral) degrees, not including any scholarships or financial aid, please go to

Please visit for more information on financial aid.

For information regarding the cost of degree completion programs, please contact the School of Adult and Professional Studies as (626) 815-5301 or visit

If you would like to speak to an Admissions representative about applying to APU, please call (800) 825-5278.

I am interested in applying for financial aid. What programs offer financial aid?
Traditional Graduate Students

Graduate Students are able to obtain financial aid in the form of employment, loans, grants, and scholarships. In order to serve the large number of students who need financial assistance, the university attempts to coordinate various elements of each student’s financial aid program. This “packaging” approach may include assistance from two or more financial aid sources. The university’s goal is to award all applicants the maximum scholarship, grant, and loan dollars for which they qualify, given restrictions on the availability of funds, institutional policies, and federal guidelines.

Types of financial aid for graduate students include the Federal Stafford Loan, Cal Grants, the APLE Grant (a competitive teacher incentive program), graduate fellowships, and other alternative loans. Other loans and grants are available to students in education, nursing, and theology. Please contact your graduate financial aid counselor to obtain more information on which aid you are eligible for, visit Graduate Student Financial Services, or contact the School of Adult and Professional Studies Student Financial Services at (626) 815-5300.

School of Adult and Professional Studies (APS) Students
What financial paperwork do I need to turn in before starting the program?

To begin the program you must complete and submit your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

What if I don't get the loan and I have already started the class?

Unless you have defaulted on a student loan or are not a U.S. citizen, you will qualify for the loan.

When do I have to start paying back the loan?

Repayment of loans begins six months after dropping below half time, withdrawing from school, or finishing the program. Loans can be deferred as long as you are enrolled half time or more in school.

Do I only borrow once for the whole program?

You may borrow at least two times during the program.

What is your payment plan option?

Twenty percent of the term payment is due the first night of class, and four more equal payments are due on the 10th of each month, plus a $75 service charge.

You can visit the School of Adult and Professional Studies website for more information. For more information regarding cost, please contact the School of Adult and Professional Studies at (626) 815-5301.

Visit to read about the FAFSA, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.


How is APU ranked compared to other colleges and universities?

Azusa Pacific University held its place for the third year in the most prestigious category of the U.S.News & World Report’s America’s Best Colleges 2011 rankings, placing in Tier One at No. 167 in the National Universities category. APU was also 1 of 23 schools recognized for best first-year experience by U.S. News. In addition, The Princeton Review named APU as 1 of 120 institutions in the 2011 Best Colleges in the West for the fifth consecutive year, and Kiplinger ranked APU among its top 100 best values in private colleges.

Is your school affiliated with a church or denomination?

Azusa Pacific stands as a comprehensive Christian university of the liberal arts and professional programs that seeks to serve its diverse constituencies throughout the world. As part of that commitment, APU maintains strong ties with the Brethren in Christ Church; the Church of God — Anderson, Indiana; the Free Methodist Church; the Missionary Church; the Friends Church; the Wesleyan Church; and the Salvation Army.

Faculty, staff, and students come from a wide variety of backgrounds and a number of different denominations, and we accept students of all denominations, as the university is interdenominational.

What are APU’s accreditations?
APU’s accreditations include:

View a complete list of APU’s accreditations and memberships.