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Comprehensive Strategic Plan

Following the CPR visit in March 2011, the WASC commission sent a letter to APU endorsing the recommendations of the CPR team and also emphasizing the need for continuing attention to and development in the areas of financial stabilization and comprehensive strategic planning. In regards to strategic planning, the commission recognized that “while commendable strategic plans have been developed in some areas of the campus, a comprehensive strategic plan has not been developed and implemented.”

The APU leadership team has thoughtfully considered these comments from the WASC commission, and recognized that while strategic priorities and objectives have been articulated for the university for quite some time, the processes to implement these priorities have not been articulated in a manner that is well known in the APU community. Thus, to meet this gap in strategic planning and implementation, a Strategic Planning Task Force has been formed.

The purpose of the task force is to create a narrative description of strategic thinking and strategic planning processes at Azusa Pacific University that will be known by all APU employees. In order to create the proposed narrative, the task force will document existing processes and identify any gaps between processes to ensure that a coherent, logical, and comprehensive strategic planning process is in place. The final product will align academic processes (e.g. program review, accreditation), budget, human resources, physical resources, technological needs, and marketing with the university mission and university-wide strategic priorities. It will link school/department planning with university-wide strategic planning and processes. The final narrative will be shared at the spring APU Leadership Summit and will be provided to WASC as part of the university Educational Effectiveness Review self study. Most importantly, this narrative will serve to delineate the advancement and refinement of university strategic planning processes for 2012-13.

Strategic Planning Task Force Members

Mark Stanton, Ph.D., Provost (co-chair)

John Reynolds, NHDip (Comp Sys); Executive Vice President, APU;
Chief Executive Officer, APOU (co-chair)

Vicky Bowden, DNSc, Accreditation Liaison Officer

Louise Furrow, Associate Vice President of University Advancement

Bob Johansen, Vice President for Business Affairs/CFO

Dan Kipley, M.A., School of Business and Management

Aja Lesh, Ph.D., Dean, School of Nursing

Deana Porterfield, M.A., Senior Vice President for People and Organizational Development

Laurie Schreiner, Ph.D., Chair, Doctoral Higher Education