Programs and Events


The Women's Resource Center hosts a weekly conversation that is open to all students, faculty, and staff to attend. This gathering is called One Smart Cookie, as we invite "one smart cookie" from our campus each week to share with us. One Smart Cookie exists to foster a community of academia where intelligent discussion is encouraged, and where challenging topics are discussed from new perspectives. This time allows students to hear the opinions, research, passions, and values of their faculty and staff, and encourages them to engage in healthy dialogue about issues that are important and relevant.

One Smart Cookie Meets in the Women's Resource Center on East Campus on TUESDAY from 12pm-1pm. Cookies will be served!

Events Held Throughout the Year

Women’s Night of Worship

Clothesline Project

Stand Up for Your Sister

Women’s Appreciation Night

Senior Women's Breakfast

Documentary Screenings

Awareness Months

October: Domestic Violence/ Breast Cancer Awareness Month

March: Women’s History Month

April: Sexual Assault Awareness Month