Foreign Language Placement Assessment FAQs

How long will the foreign language placement assessment take?

WebCAPE typically takes 20-30 minutes to complete, but it could take as few as 5 minutes or many more than the average 30, depending on your performance.

How much does the WebCAPE placement assessment cost?

There is no charge for WebCAPE. It is a placement assessment that APU chooses to provide as a tool for you to better understand your options as you move toward demonstrating proficiency in a foreign language.

When do I need to complete the foreign language placement assessment?

The earlier the better! All of your placement assessments should be completed before your scheduled Preparing for APU event so your results can be used to create your semester class schedule.

Reasons to take the WebCAPE placement assessment early:

  • APU has a General Education (GE) foreign language requirement. It is best to take care of this requirement sooner rather than later so you are not worrying about the language requirement in your last semesters, which could endanger your likelihood of graduating in a timely manner.
  • By placing into the level appropriate to your abilities, you will avoid taking (and paying for) credits that are not necessary for you to enroll in should you decide to declare a major or minor in foreign languages.
  • If you think about foreign languages early in your time at APU, you can maximize your electives to get a minor in a foreign language, which complements a major in any discipline. And a minor in a foreign language will make you more competitive when you are looking for a job after graduation.

Does WebCAPE need to be proctored?

WebCAPE does not need to be proctored. We encourage you to complete the foreign language placement assessment prior to registration for the first semester of APU classes in a comfortable environment at a time of your choosing.

What do I need in order to take WebCAPE?

Your APU student ID number, your APU email address, and an Internet connection are all that are required to complete the WebCAPE placement assessment.

Who should take WebCAPE?

Students who are continuing in their language of choice from high school or those with prior language learning (including heritage speakers) should take WebCAPE to determine the best path forward for demonstrating foreign language proficiency.

Any other student who is unsure of his/her current language ability level (and is interested in enrolling in language coursework) is also welcome to take it and see where he/she places.

How will the results be used?

WebCAPE results will be used to help students understand their current ability level in a foreign language. After understanding his/her current placement, a student can then use these results to register for his/her first language course at APU, or they can be used to guide a student toward taking a proficiency assessment such as CLEP, FLATS, or OPIc to demonstrate proficiency. WebCAPE results will be reflected on an APU student record within three business days after completion.

Can WebCAPE earn course credit for me?

No, WebCAPE only serves as a placement tool. In order to receive credit, you will either need to enroll in language coursework or take a proficiency assessment such as CLEP, FLATS, or OPIc.

Do I have to register for the foreign language course that is recommended in my WebCAPE results?

Yes, if you choose to register for a language course at APU, you must register for the course that is recommended according to your WebCAPE results page.

How do I arrange to take a proficiency assessment?

If your WebCAPE scores indicate that you placed at 102 or higher in any language (e.g., SPAN 102 or GERM 102), you should consider registering for a proficiency assessment. Learn more about CLEP, FLATS, and OPIc. Feel free to contact Testing Services with additional questions about taking a proficiency assessment.

I have AP/IB credit in a language. Do I still need to take the placement assessment?

Advanced Placement (AP), College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), and International Baccalaureate (IB) tests are accepted at Azusa Pacific University. View the Academic Catalog to see how APU awards credit for AP, CLEP, and IB exams. If your score has fulfilled your foreign language requirement, you do not need to take WebCAPE. However, if your scores have not yet arrived and you wish to register for a foreign language course, complete the WebCAPE placement assessment. Your AP, CLEP, and IB scores will be entered into your student record once they are received, and they will override your WebCAPE placement assessment when appropriate. Official AP, CLEP, and IB test scores and/or transcripts should be mailed directly to the Student Services Center for review. You will not be allowed to register for upper-level language courses until your official scores are received and entered into your student record, or until an appropriate WebCAPE placement assessment score is entered. If you have additional questions regarding AP, CLEP, or IB after viewing the Academic Catalog information, contact the Student Services Center.

Can I take the placement assessment on a language that I have not studied?

No. If you desire to study a language that you have not previously studied, enroll in the first language course available (e.g., SPAN 101, FREN 101, etc.).

Do I have to take the placement exam if I am a native speaker of a language other than English?

Students for whom English is a second language do not usually take a placement test in their first language, but they may do so for any third language they have studied. They are generally exempted from the basic requirement in foreign language with the appropriate paperwork, and students should contact the International Student and Scholars (ISS) office to learn more about English Language Placement Assessment processes.

If I lose my Internet connection while taking the exam, will I have to start over?

No, your results will be saved. In order to restart your exam, go to the WebCAPE registration page and enter the information exactly as you did previously, then click the “resume” button. You should then be given the option of continuing the exam in progress or starting a new attempt.

What languages does APU’s Department of Modern Languages offer instruction in?

Modern Languages offers a major in Spanish, a minor in Spanish, and additional coursework in Chinese, French, German, Italian, and Japanese.

Can I speak with a professor of a language if I have nontechnical questions?

Aroldo Solórzano, PhD, department chair, is happy to answer any language-related questions. You may contact him at

What class should I take if I decide to start a new language?

If you have not previously studied the language, you should start the new language in LANG 101 (first-semester language class, such as SPAN 101, CHIN 101, etc.).

I didn’t print out my results at the end of my placement session. How can I view my placement results again?

If you have completed your placement assessment and would like to view your results again, sign in to WebCAPE using the same information as before. Select the “Resume” button to see your results.

Will my WebCAPE exam scores expire?

Yes, your WebCAPE exam scores will expire after one year. Foreign language coursework should be completed or in progress within one year in order to avoid retaking the WebCAPE placement assessment.

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