Writing Program Pathways

All incoming students begin their Writing Program pathway at APU with The Writing Class Placement Questionnaire, a brief survey that assists you in making the best APU writing course choice for you. To fulfill the General Education (GE) Writing Program requirements at APU, most students begin with Writing 1 (with or without the optional Writing 1 Lab) in their first year, move on to Writing 2 in their second year, and complete Writing 3 during their third or fourth year. As reflected in the GE curriculum (beginning 2016-17), students take Writing 1 unless they have equivalent coursework or sufficient Advanced Placement (AP)1 scores that they have transferred (or plan to transfer) to APU.

Students may potentially transfer eligible coursework (or AP test scores for Writing 1) to fulfill APU’s GE writing course requirements, but cannot otherwise “test out” of Writing 1, Writing 2, or Writing 3.2


  1. Refer to the university catalog for details on qualifying AP scores, or consult with the Undergraduate Enrollment Services Center at (626) 815-2020 if unsure.
  2. Refer to APU’s Transfer Guidelines for details on transferring eligible courses.
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