The Convergent Media Center

at Azusa Pacific University

Today, more than ever before, our lives are packed with news coming at us from all directions. But have you ever stopped to think about the people who are creating the news content you interact with?

The character of those writing and editing your news matters. At APU, we emphasize the application of Christian truths and values to the study and practice of journalism and public relations. We’ve been training journalists instilled with the highest ethical standards for more than 40 years, and our alumni are working in some of the elite channels of media and communications, but the need for more truth tellers and ethical journalists has never been greater.

We have made great use of our spaces in the past, but in order to meet the education and professional development needs of graduates entering today’s convergent, multifaceted newsrooms, we must upgrade these facilities and all the tech within. If we want APU alumni to be in the best newsrooms in the world, they must be trained at the highest level, which means having writing, on-air, blogging, and social media skills. And that’s where you come in.

“By creating this environment, we’re taking our student journalists to another level, so that when they step into the professional environment, they’re that much more ready to step into conversations about ethics.”

Robert “Kent” Walls
Assistant Professor of Journalism, Lead Advisor of Integrated Student Media

The new Convergent Media Center, under construction on APU’s West Campus, will offer students the preparation they need. The center will be a vibrant space reflecting journalism and public relations in the real world, featuring a soundstage, podcast recording center, student-run public relations firm, and ZU Media, which includes APU’s student-managed newspaper, video content, print magazine, and radio station. Our students will be trained on multiple platforms, so that the first time an APU student steps into a “real” newsroom won’t be on the first day of their job after graduation, it will have been on their first day at Azusa Pacific.

The Convergent Media Center will be a transformative addition to the APU community, helping students become ethical news makers, master the art of storytelling, and develop the skills to be faithful change agents in the world. The center will position APU as a leader in communications education, offering hands-on training through the use of up-to-date facilities and equipment that will attract new generations of students eager to learn about the fields of journalism and public relations in a God First environment.

You can help train up our students to be the salt and light our world news media needs! The Convergent Media Center will serve as a catalyst for Christian journalists to impact culture now and in the future. We invite you to join us in providing and outfitting a reimagined and repurposed space on campus that will serve students’ needs and ensure that they are well equipped to compete in today’s rapidly changing world of journalism and truth telling. Will you help us make this impact on our world today?

“Building the Convergent Media Center will help us train our students to be difference makers in their work. Our students will be trained to be the best in the room so that they can get those top jobs and help our society make good decisions and be good citizens.”

Ryan T. Hartwig, Ph.D.
Former Chair and Associate Professor, Department of Communication Studies